The Usual Suspects                                                                                       

Robert Ong - Founder.                        

Monica Ong - Bob's wife, and a fine skier in her own right.

Lindsay Ong - All around fun kid, girls 3 skier.

Sarah Ong - Local hot shot, just became a girls 3 skier.

Mark Houser - Mystic Lakes type dude.

Jim Stout - Super Lake skier, state safety official.

Chris Palaski - Super Lake boys 3 skier, young up and comer.

William Sartin - New kid on the block.                   

Steve Volmer - good skier and all-around swell guy.

Jennifer Volmer - Steve's wife and another great skier (she tells a pretty good snake story, too!)

Dane Mangels - Dane, an avid skier, is from South Coffeyville, KS and has been known to be found at Everglass from time to time.

Note: There are actually many friends and contributors to Everglass. This is not in any way a complete list, (and I'm not sure if such a thing will ever exist), but if there's any desired additions mail 'em in!