2000 Season at Everglass


lindsay&sara_in_boat.JPG (261347 bytes) Lindsay & Sara Ong in Monica & Bob's Nautique.

dozer_stuck.jpg (320332 bytes)  dozer from the water2.jpg (336193 bytes) from the water1.jpg (153583 bytes)  

While shaping the shoreline to reduce wave action, Steve got a little too close to the abrupt drop off found in most of these old strip mines and got the dozer stuck (really stuck) and of course, we promptly immortalized it on many frames of film, and here they are! (no problem there Steve:-) But what you don't see are the many hours and days of hard and highly skilled work that Steve put into shaping this shoreline and we all credit him for that. Anyway, it took us a couple of days, several chains & steel cables, a really big tractor, lots of female supervisors, many men and quite a bit of beer to get it out, but actually it was a challenge that we all teamed up on and in some bizarre way...it was almost fun! (Almost!)

steve&mathrew_in_dozer.jpg (356866 bytes) Here's Steve and his son Mathew in the dozer. While Steve wasn't particularily enjoying himself, Mathew had a blast! He supervised the entire dozer-rescue operation, we couldn't have done it without him.

startingdock_cloudy.jpg (251046 bytes) This is a view of the starting dock at the west end of the lake. Note the course in the distance.