Everglass Picture Pages

Welcome to the main Everglass Picture Page. These are some of the original photos: more can be found at the links below.

2000 pics (fun with heavy equipment ;-) 

2001 Pics

Frozen Everglass Pics

2003 Pics

2005 Pics

 012.jpg (274244 bytes)     Bob Ong                                                    Tasteless R-rated cartoon

 014.jpg (308327 bytes)     Another one of Bob                                   Terraserver link (aerial photo)

 019.jpg (278240 bytes)      That's Steve Volmer behind all that water.

 029.jpg (267569 bytes)     The Mastercraft on the left belongs to Steve and Jennifer Volmer, the Nautique is Doug Toburen's

 032.jpg (277284 bytes)    Here's the same two boats in different positions.

 startingdock.jpg (96755 bytes)   The starting dock. Note the glass water it's sitting in!

 February 4, 2001 (11).jpg (413128 bytes) This is a nice shot of the 'park-like' environment that we've created along the north shore.

 February 4, 2001 (12).jpg (343739 bytes) Looking east from the west end of the lake on the starting dock.

 February 4, 2001 (13).jpg (376870 bytes) This picture was taken from the south shore looking west-northwest.

 February 4, 2001 (14).jpg (318977 bytes) And a cloudy shot from the starting dock.

 February 4, 2001 (6).jpg (456903 bytes) This is a picture of a much younger Bob, taken by a much younger Barry long ago on Grand Lake in Oklahoma (1987?) with Monica driving the boat. One of my favorite of all I've ever taken, we call it the 'rainbow picture'.

 February 4, 2001 (7).jpg (1955116 bytes) I'll warn you now folks, this is a big picture file to download, but you must understand; Brutus is a BIG machine! This is the shovel that dug Everglass. To give you some scale, on the ground beneath the 'RU' of the name 'BRUTUS' there are three people: Lindsay, Monica, and Sara. Zoom in and take a look. 

 February 4, 2001 (8).jpg (339122 bytes) Although difficult to see from the reflection of the sky, this is a directly down-course shot with the ski course directly in the center of the perspective.

 February 4, 2001 Lindsay(800x600).jpg (548096 bytes) GENESIS: Another generation of Ong family skiers is born in this picture, this is Lindsay Ong on skis for the very first time at the age of 4. This was taken at Chouteau Lake in South Coffeyville, Oklahoma.



       refurbished77.jpg (640141 bytes)                   77refurbished2.jpg (669319 bytes)                     77refurbished3.jpg (781067 bytes)

         Better than new. Here's the '77 MasterCraft we used to own after the new owner, Ralph, restored it. I hated to see it go but it couldn't have gotten a better home. Excellent job Ralph.