The top two shots were taken on 12.22.00 when the ice was unusually clear and very thick from the extreme cold spell. Everglass: even in the winter. For whatever the reason, the surrounding bodies of water were not at all clear as Everglass was; but occluded and milky white as ice is normally in this area. The next two were taken during an Ong family outing to Big Brutus, and the two after that were taken by Barry the week of Christmas after the heavy snow.


ice1.jpg (900449 bytes) Monica and the girls (Lindsay and Sara) walking on the water (frozen water ;-)

ice2.jpg (1110787 bytes) Here's Bob & the girls doing the same.

brutus3-98.jpg (953523 bytes) Bob and the girls in the shovel of Big Brutus

brutuskids.jpg (1233632 bytes) Bob and the girls with Brutus in the background.

frozenlake.jpg (56167 bytes) Here's the lake during the week of Christmas after the snow had fallen.

frozentruck1.jpg (242175 bytes) And another one of the lake in snow.

barryonice_far.jpg (305987 bytes) Barry on the ice at Big Hill Lake.


National Weather Service Director Jack Kelly said the weather of 2000 was shaped by variability and extremes, which will continue throughout the winter. Hey, thanks for that, Jack.