2003 at Everglass
Lindsay Ong ripping it up at 10 years of age!

sarahshreds.jpg (74433 bytes) Sarah Ong coasting to shore after ripping it up!

eveninglake.jpg (33944 bytes) Another example of the beautiful scenes that are enjoyed by the regulars at Everglass almost every weekend.

forbiddencourse.jpg (76052 bytes) Here's an interesting shot: sorta' makes you remember some of the 'good old says of youth' now doesn't it?

boatramp1.jpg (110950 bytes) Here's a nice shot of the boat ramp on the North Shore.

frog.jpg (67044 bytes) And here's a one of the Regulars at Everglass: some sorta' tree frog that seems to live in one of the gate pipes at the boat dock on the north shore. We don't know much about him but we all really enjoy his evening appearances very much.

boatramp1.jpg (110950 bytes) Another great shot of the North boat ramp. (The tree frog appears on the pole at the right).

monica48-02.jpg (63255 bytes) Monica Ong rounding buoys...

monica68-02.jpg (58505 bytes) Another of Monica heading into #1 from the East.

bob18-02.jpg (55789 bytes) And here's Bob Ong in the course.

monica18-02.jpg (80114 bytes) Monica Ong.