The 2001 Season at Everglass


All of the images and movies on this page were captured by Robert Ong with his new digital camera.

He has kept the movie clips small out of necessity, due to the inability to transfer larger files through his free, but restrictive email service. We are talking about alternative methods to facilitate this; so we should have some larger movies up here before too long.

There will be many more pictures and and other stuff to come too, so check back soon...

our_boat_101001.jpg (64632 bytes) This is the latest edition to the Everglass ski scene: a vintage 1977 Mastercraft that Bob and Barry bought together. It's pretty much our 'lake boat' and as most seasoned skiers know, has one of the sweetest slalom wakes you can imagine! Well worth the money we paid.

barrypic.jpg (246262 bytes) Here's Barry Wilkins in a wicked turn at 36 mph and 39.5 off! (OK, that's a big lie; it is me but the speed was probably more like 30 or 32 and the length was undoubtedly 15 off...but the rest will true next year...or so!)

Movie clips in mpeg format

Bob skiing 1

Bob Skiing 2

Barry Skiing 1

Barry Skiing 2

Lindsay_in_hollowoak1.jpg (209590 bytes) Here is Lindsay Ong in one of our favorite places at Everglass; a giant oak tree that is hollow inside (precise location withheld). There's enough room in there for me to stand up and I'm 6'1" so that gives you some idea of how large the cavity is. The tree seems to be in relatively good health too!

Lindsay_in_hollowoak2.jpg (197958 bytes) Another one of Lindsay in the Giant Oak, this time a little further inside.

barry_rowing.jpg (91420 bytes) Here is yet another one of our 'lake boats', the john boat we use to work on the course, etc. Only the day this was taken Bob wasn't getting much work done as you can tell; he was sneaking about in the grass taking pictures when I wasn't looking! Actually I think we were both fishing that day...Thanks to Mark Seeley for bringing us the oars to 'power' this beast ;-)

eclosecourse.jpg (37690 bytes) Looking East down the course, Everglass is beautiful year round.

ever_fallcolors.jpg (50606 bytes) This shot was taken from a spot just South of where the camper sits atop the hill at the West end of Everglass. The course is visible on the water, the white dome above the trees is a grain silo about a mile away.

sunset.jpg (85172 bytes) Not really related to Everglass, but a beautiful shot we wanted to share anyway. This was taken by Bob behind the Ong's house in Parsons in late November. Some local residents may remember the two evenings we had when the sunsets were brilliant red.

sunset-no_pole.jpg (184757 bytes) Same shot as above but I removed the pole and wires. (I was in a hurry as usual; if you look close you can see that I forgot to remove the base of the pole. Still makes a nice desktop wall paper.)